Tips For Dads To Find More ‘Me’ Time

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Being a parent is a full-time job and of course, everyone deserves some time to themself from time to time. Read on for some top tips of what to do to get some more ‘me’ time…

Have a date night

This is important for you and your partner. You need to spend time together alone away from the children. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about this! It’s completely normal and reasonable to get someone to babysit whilst you and your partner go out for a date. Ask a family member first, many of them will be glad to help out and spend some time with the kids. It’s important to do these at least once a month, so you and your partner should agree on dates and stick to them. No excuses! It will make sure that you both feel connected and rekindle the romance which can sometimes get lost in the busyness of bringing up children.

Take offers from family

This one follows on from taking date nights. Remember that your family members might actually love to spend time with the kids and help you out. So don’t turn down offers to babysit thinking that they are just being polite. This gives you time to do the activities that you want and enjoy some well deserved time to yourself. It’s also a great way for your children to bond with their family members!

Invest in some entertainment for your children

Thankfully, there are thousands of toys to choose from that can keep your children entertained for hours. And that doesn’t just mean buying them a PlayStation and letting them game for hours in front of a screen. There are so many educational toys and games that children can play for hours which will also give them time to do the things that they enjoy. Here are some examples of toys and games that are also educational. Just make sure you pick something age-appropriate.

⦁ Lego (as previously mentioned
⦁ Scrabble
⦁ Kinetic Sand
⦁ Tangrams
⦁ Monopoly
⦁ Boogle
⦁ Bananagrams
⦁ Yahtzee
⦁ Codenames
⦁ Maze Escape
⦁ Art Supplies

If you haven’t heard of some of these games before, you’ll be able to find these all on Amazon for great prices! Most are less than $10 and the amount of extra time it will give you to yourself is priceless!

Alternate with your partner

It’s so important to work out a good routine with your partner and communicate when you want or need a break. There will always be points that you need a break and want some me time, so let your partner know. Then you can both alternate and let each other breath. It’s so much easier raising children when you’ve got an amazing duo! Work together and allow yourself time to re-energise.

Make sure your children have a good bedtime routine
Sending your children off to bed super early every night is not only beneficial for them but can be great for you too. This allows you to have the whole evening to yourself to do the things you want to do. Whether it’s read, watch a film, catch up with your favourite programme or cracking open a bottle of your favourite wine – do it!

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