Low Budget / Free Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Kids

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The summer holidays can be very daunting for parents. You automatically think that you’re going to need to spend A LOT of money. But it doesn’t have to be like this! With some planning, your kids can still have a summer holiday of their life without breaking your bank. Here are some low budget/free activities to do with your kids….

Explore Museums

There are so many free musemns everywhere. All you have to do is search for free museums near you and I guarantee a whole list will come up! It’s a great way to save money and the kids will love it. You can choose from so many different types to suit your children’s interests – history, maritime museums, archaeology, art and so much more! It’s important for kids to learn new things each day and the museums share a lot of information on a whole range of topics. And I think we can all agree that it’s a more appealing way to learn than sitting in the classroom.

Go camping

Again, go camping! This is something the whole family will enjoy. You don’t have to spend a fortune on taking them to a hotel resort. Because let’s face it, kids don’t really appreciate or care for the luxury in life. In fact, your kids are much more likely to enjoy a night around a bonfire in the middle of nature than some fancy five-star resort. Camping will give your children a sense of adventure and freedom. It allows them to discover the joys of being outside which is especially important in the 21st century with all the technology available to them.

Beach days

Nothing beats a beach day. Just tell your kids they’re going to the beach and I guarantee their little faces will light up with joy. Going to the beach for your kids is like transferring to a different water-filled planet. They can spend hours enjoying playing in the sea and sun. And bringing a spade and bucket can keep them busy and entertained for the whole day. Just sit back, relax and let kids be kids. Oh, and go early to get a good spot! If you live in a city and nowhere near a beach then take them to the nearest park. They will have just as much fun.


Kids love to plant things and get their hands dirty! Planting a vegetable garden can be an enjoyable experience because they love the idea of growing their own food or plants. And it can be very exciting to watch them grow! The digging part is what they enjoy the most though. Plus, your children can learn lots of new skills whilst gardening. Such as management skills, control and locomotor skills. As they organise their tools, dig and find patches to plant things. Of course, you need a garden to do this. But if you live in a flat, it’s very likely that there will be an area nearby that you can take your kids.

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