How to Choose The Right Online Sportsbook For You

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There are many factors that you should consider before choosing a sports betting site. You should take measures to ensure that your hard-earned cash is going to be safe and secure at a reputable site. Many sports betting sites will try to entice customers with their sign up offers and extra bonuses. You should be cautious and read the terms and conditions in depth before depositing any cash. If you’re unsure about a betting site, read lots of real reviews first. You can check out for a list of detailed and honest reviews of online casinos, by talented casino experts with lots of experience in the industry. Here is our detailed list of factors you should check first…

Check legality

Needless to say, this should be the first thing that you look for. Check out each sports betting site license before deciding which one to sign up with. You should ensure that it is fully licensed and regulated by a trusted gambling commission. If you sign up with a site that’s illegal you run the huge risk of losing your cash. If the site isn’t legal your cash will not be protected by any laws and technically the site can do whatever they want with it.

Research the most reliable betting sites

One of the best ways to find a trusted and reliable betting site is to do your research! Read lots of reviews from real customers and you’ll soon get a feel for which betting sites are the best. Take your time and make sure you pick a reliable site with a good track record. You should look for fair and friendly customer service so you can feel at ease knowing you are in good hands whilst betting. This will make your overall sports betting experience so much better. Do your homework, you’ll thank yourself later!

Get answers to important questions

Write a list of important questions you have about the sports betting site and get answers to them all before depositing any cash. The FAQ section should answer most of your questions. But if not, you can always email, call or contact them through their live chat (if they have one). Here are some questions you should be thinking about:

⦁ How long does it take to withdraw my winnings?
⦁ Which deposit payment methods are available?
⦁ What are the betting options? do they offer in-play betting?
⦁ Which sports are included?
⦁ Does the bookmaker offer bonuses for an inital deposit?
Until you get answers to your important questions you should not make a deposit.

Bonuses and promotions

As previously mentioned, many online sports betting sites will try to get the customers attention through the bonuses and promotions on offer. Be smart and check out all of the terms and conditions – this is where they get you. Of course, many online betting sites do offer very generous welcome packages and bonuses! Just make sure that you compare and find the best deal for yourself. Also, don’t let a good welcome offer be the only factor persuading you to sign up. You need to weigh up all the factors before deciding.

Payment options

Remember there are SO many online sports betting sites to choose from. It doesn’t make sense to settle for the first couple you read about (even if they sound really good). You should look at all of their payment options to make sure it’s quick and easy for you to deposit cash. There are a huge amount of payment methods in the 21st century and sports betting sites should do their best to accommodate this. The sports betting site should also have payment security certificates on their website.

Side note: there will be limitations in place depending on which country you’re depositing your cash from. Make sure you check. A lot of countries are just limited to e-wallets.

Competitive payouts

Sports betters will of course want to find the best value with their selections. Therefore, make sure you find a bookmaker that works with small margins. If you believe you’ve found a good bookmaker you should double-check before by making a smaller bet. If you receive the odds advertised, then you can place bigger bets knowing your cash is in good hands.

Customer service

Any reputable and trusted betting site will have exceptional customer service with lots of ways to contact them. A good site should have an email address, phone number and a 24/7 live chat. Test it out beforehand to see their response time and also read reviews! It should never be hard to get into contact with a member of the team and if it is, take this as a warning sign. Friendly, accommodating and responsive customer service will ensure that you have a stress free betting experience. So, if you have any urgent problems or queries, they can resolve them straight away. Make sure they have a good track record of dealing with withdrawals, documents and any other account problems quickly and efficiently.

Look for a well-designed website and app

You should make sure that the sports betting site that you deposit cash on is easy to use and navigate. Your time is precious and you don’t want to waste any time trying to navigate the site. Your betting experience should be as straightforward as possible.


And finally, look for websites with good tipping guides. The majority of betting websites will have experts that will provider betters with tips on what to bet on. Of course, this is just guidance and you should make you’re own informed decision.

We just wanted to finish by saying – don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. For example, 666Bet was a hugely popular betting site that went bankrupt in 2015. And they couldn’t afford to pay any of their players back. There are always risks in this industry so you need to weigh them all up and go into sports betting aware of all the important factors. Also, there isn’t necessarily a ‘top’ betting site for everyone. Make sure the betting site that you choose meets all of your personal requirements so you can enjoy the experience as much as possible.

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