Low Budget Indoor Activities

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There are plenty of low budget indoor activities that will keep you and your kids entertained on a rainy day. It’s important to keep the kids’ brains and bodies busy whilst indoors. So, let’s take a look at some options…

Play Board Games

Most of us reading this blog will remember a time where we spent endless hours playing a board game. Board games bring families together for hours of fun and entertainment! This strengthens family relationships by giving them something common to focus on.

In this day and age, children are spending a very increased amount of time in front of the screen. In fact, in 2020 it was recorded that children from 8-18 spend on average 6-7 hours a day on a screen. This massively exceeds the recommended guidelines of 2 hours maximum per day. Investing in a board game will give your kids eyes the break they need!

Head down to a local charity shop and you’re bound to find a cheap board game somewhere. Or why not borrow one of a family friend for free? If you’ve got a particular one in mind, head over to eBay or Amazon and find it for a decent price. It’s definitely a great investment when you take into consideration the number of hours of entertainment it’ll provide you and your family!

Here’s a list of our top 15 suggestions (make sure you check the player age range on each):

  1. Monopoly (obviously)
  2. Chess
  3. Catan
  4. Clue
  5. Battleship
  6. Articulate!
  7. Connect 4
  8. Scrabble
  9. Villainous
  10. Axis & Allies
  11. Risk
  12. Operation
  13. Boggle
  14. Connect Four
  15. Twister

Netflix marathon

I mean, who doesn’t love a Netflix marathon? This goes against our previously stated statistic but sometimes kids deserve a film day. We forget that our kid’s lives can be pretty hectic too and they need downtime as much as we do. So, maybe it’s time to grab some snacks (popcorn is a must) and choose some films that you know your kids will love. Whether it’s Disney movies, comedies, chick flicks, or any other genre that your kid will enjoy. Don’t forget to watch the trailers first! Here are some suggestions if you need reminding of some classics:

Top 10 Disney movies of all-time

⦁ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
⦁ One Hundred and One Dalmatians
⦁ Fantasia
⦁ Cinderella
⦁ Beauty and the Beast
⦁ The Lion King
⦁ The Little Mermaid
⦁ The Princess and the Frog
⦁ The Mighty Ducks
⦁ Queen of Katwe

Top Kids Comedies of All-time:

⦁ Ice Age
⦁ The Mitchells vs the Machines
⦁ Storks
⦁ The Willoughbys
⦁ Paddington
⦁ Minions
⦁ Zootopia
⦁ Lilo y Stitch
⦁ Diary of a Wimpy Kids
⦁ Beethoven

Top Chick Flicks of All-time

⦁ Miss Congeniality
⦁ Mean Girls
⦁ 13 Going on 30
⦁ Legally Blonde
⦁ She’s The Man
⦁ A Cinderella Story
⦁ Sleepover
⦁ 10 Things I Hate About You
⦁ The Princess Diaries
⦁ Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

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